Information on the Raahe District

Comprised of the municipalities of Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Siikajoki, the Raahe District is a vital region of 35,000 residents. The Raahe District is renowned for its dynamic present and colorful past as well as for steel, gold and energy.
The Raahe District is easy to reach thanks to its close proximity to Highway 8 and an electrified rail line that runs all the way to Raahe. The railway station for passenger traffic is located in Vihanti. Raahe also boasts the largest deep-water port on the Bay of Bothnia. The port was recently renovated. Oulu and Kokkola airports are both located approximately an hour away.

The economic structure of the Raahe District is one of the most specialized in Finland, due to its large industrial sector.

The City of Raahe is the engine of the region and the second largest city in Northern Ostrobothnia. Raahe is an industrial city of 26,058 (Statistics Finland 2011), whose largest employer is Rautaruukki. Other catalysts of development include the Laivakangas gold mine and the newly renovated Port of Raahe. There are 10,399 jobs in Raahe (Statistics Finland 2009), with 118.36% self-sufficiency in employment (Statistics Finland 2009). Its GDP is the sixth largest in Finland, at nearly 40,000 €/per capita.

Pyhäjoki is an energetic municipality of 3,350 (Statistics Finland 2011), with a bright economic future. Fennovoima Oy has announced that it will be carrying out a nuclear power plant project at Hanhikivenniemi in Pyhäjoki. The project will have a positive impact on the municipal and regional economy as well as increase employment and enhance the business sector. There are 768 jobs in Pyhäjoki (Statistics Finland 2009), with 61.79% self-sufficiency in employment (Statistics Finland 2009). It is located 28 kilometres from Raahe. Its coastal location and the Pyhäjoki riverside make Pyhäjoki an attractive proposition.

Siikajoki is a down-to-earth municipality of 5,600 (Statistics Finland 2011), with a strong agricultural base. Siikajoki is home to companies operating in the sawmill/lumber industry, metal and mechanical engineering industry and insulation manufacturing. A considerable percentage of local industries are based in the Ruukki Industrial Park. There are 1,649 jobs in Siikajoki (Statistics Finland 2009), with 80.44% self-sufficiency in employment (Statistics Finland 2009). It is located 26 kilometres from Raahe.