Projects as tools for development

The Raahe District Development Center does development work through a variety of projects. These are divided into two categories based on developmental objectives: general projects, such as the KOKO (Cohesion and Competitiveness) project; and more specifically targeted projects, such as projects aimed at the development of operating environments, services and enterprise.

In practice, the Development Center conducts projects in four different ways:

  • by administering and carrying out projects in-house
  • by administering a project carried out by a partner
  • by carrying out a project administered by a partner (subcontractor)
  • by participating as a funder (municipal funding) on behalf of Raahe District for projects administered and carried out by partners

Project duration and funding vary from project to project.

In-house project personnel oversee projects administered by the Raahe District Development Center. The Development Center's Business Services unit generally carries out projects geared toward business development.