Driving force of the Raahe District

The Raahe District Development Center is a joint organization serving the sub-region of Raahe (Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki) and the City of Raahe.
Its primary task is regional development, whose goal is to promote and develop the conditions for business as well as the welfare of the regional population and related services.
The Raahe District Development Center engages in development work together with regional authorities, decision-makers and businesses. This is done through various projects and national development programs. Development work geared toward Raahe District Development Center businesses is performed by Raahe District Business Services, whose staff size varies according to the scope and duration of different projects.
The Raahe District Development Center office and its attendant Raahe District Business Services are part of the City of Raahe organization. Development Center operations are steered and overseen by the District Council.